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Company Name:
Human Capital Consultants, Inc.
Human Capital Consultants is a professional
consulting organization serving startups, near startups, growing mid-market and vertical leading firms across the US. From locations in
new jersey
Human Capital Consultants offers proven, customizable and metrics driven solutions for our clients Recruitment and Human Resources consulting and outsourcing needs.
Senior Software Engineer Cambridge, MA
Our clients mission is to allow people and organizations to maintain control of their data, even as that data are constantly flowing into cloud applications and into storage repositories that are out of a users control. Our client believes that your data is, well, yours. They provide tools and applications that make sure you maintain access even when youve entrusted data to a cloud application. They provide backup services for the largest cloud applications in the world, they have thousands of customers, and they store nearly a petabyte of data for them. Theyre expanding our coverage and user base every day.
Our client is seeking a proven software engineer with a track record of providing technical and architectural leadership in a startup environment. Technical challenges include managing big-data securely and at scale in a cloud-hosted environment. Our client is looking for a driven engineer who loves the craft, is invested in building product, and is excited about working on the technological and business challenges that crop up as our client builds the future of SaaS backups. While our clients primary development environment is Ruby they will consider Engineers without Ruby experience. Our client seeks talented and passionate Engineers with experience developing in the full stack on client facing web applications.
About The Role:
The senior software engineering role is a coding role with technical leadership responsibilities. In addition to contributing code, day to day work includes guidance and mentoring for the rest of the team with code reviews, design meetings and participation in technical decision-making. Youll be joining several other highly experienced engineers to balance their growing team. Our client is trusted by thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of end-users to securely and reliably backup their cloud applications. With over a petabyte of data under management and a fast-growing customer base, our client continually challenge itself and their architecture to reach new levels of scalability. Our client is looking for a professional who relishes these challenges and help them to reach new levels of growth.
Our clients technology stack makes extensive use of Ruby, Redis, Cassandra, Postgresql, Amazon EC2, and S3. Theyre continually re-evaluating their architectural needs, so an experienced engineer is needed to help make informed decisions about new technologies that can scale and how to transition legacy systems. Our clients work is fast paced and challenging. Our client uses Agile development processes and test-driven development techniques. Theyre always experimenting and improving their processes based on what works well for the current size of the team and the current challenges in front of them. Some of our clients engineers use Mac OS X with Vim, some others use Linux with Sublime. They believe that engineers choose the best tools that work for them.
Skills and Requirements:
5-10 years of professional experience delivering production software
significant experience working within a SaaS model
experience managing large data stores
experience with large-scale systems / deployments
experience with big-data, NoSQL DBs or MapReduce
experience with encryption and data security standards
technical team-leadership experience is a must
some management experience is a plus
Very well-qualified candidates:
know their way around the Unix command line
are solid with Git
have excellent knowledge of server side and backend best practices
have at least a passing familiarity with various front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
engage in TDD and BDD with regularity
Our Clients Values
Our clients team is a fun loving, thrill seeking, hardworking, adjective using crew who love coming up with creative solutions to challenging technical problems. Theyre building stuff to make their customers heroes. Heres what theyre all about:
Make Progress Every Day. Building innovative technology means constant, thoughtful iteration. Move the ball forward, iterate rapidly, make measurable progress youre proud of.
Communicate Honestly. Great companies arent built in a vacuum. Our client values transparency, direct communication and the commitment to always tell it like it is.
Fail Fast, Course Correct. Progress happens through mistakes. They want people who arent afraid to fail and who can translate missteps into next steps.
Surprise & Delight Customers. The difference between a good customer experience and one that delights is what turns supporters into advocates. Theyre passionate about delivering customer value in unexpected ways.
Work Proudly. Do the kind of work that would make your Mom proud. Operate with measured humility and confidence and treat every task with urgency.
Be the Person Youd Want to Work With. Our client rewards a focus on individual contribution paired with a collaborative spirit. Step up, bring solutions, inspire and motivate others.
Our client has great benefits
Their work is fast paced and challenging. They offer the benefits of a startup culture without the anxiety. Their office is small (just around 45 people) so they work without any of that faceless big company bureaucracy.
Unlimited paid vacation
Excellent benefits including health plan, dental plan, 401(k) plan
Yes, they have a ping pong table.
And all the cherry coke zero youd ever want.
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